The American new movie about Islam

15 Sep

I heard on the news about the new movie the americans did about islam and how offending it is. I didn’t see it or researched it cause I know it will make me even madder. I don’t accept the way Muslims around the world are handling this case because in that way they are proving that the Americans were right with the picture they drew about us.

On the other hand, I was checking on twitter accidentally a guy’s profile, I’m not gonna say names I’ll just say that he’s a Christian. What made me furious is that he was making fun of the Muslims who are not killing and distorting but protesting with signs that says ” I love Mohammad ” etc etc.. like the Americans did!
He’s even worse, he’s Lebanese, even if you’re not from this religion you shouldn’t disrespect it. I thought about sending him a message w ” bahdlo ” w maybe go to and like we say ” oghlat b Dino ” like he did with mine, but I’m better then that.

Manne met3assbe or meddayne, bs it’s a real shame to see that this guy is even worse then those god damn americans.

I hope he reads this w ya3rif enne 3m behke 3anno w yeste7e men 7alo.

Respect other religions like you want yours to be respected or else I don’t know what harmful actions can happen more! This is horrible, and maybe we should destroy some important american corporations, we don’t need them.

So to all Americans who think and believe everything said in the movie, to the guy (x) and all the people Lebanese or Arabs from different religion who believe that and think what we’re doing is stupid. Go Fuck yourselves, you’re gonna get what you deserve in time.


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4 responses to “The American new movie about Islam

  1. AA

    September 18, 2012 at 12:14 am

    First off, its an american who clearly did this for fun with his friends, it had no seriousness involved in it whatsoever, add to which after a research the short movie that is on the internet has been altered with in terms of overlaying obvious recordings on the original phrases in the movie, in order to even distort more in the image of Islam. Now am against offending anyone to even begin with, but don’t get me wrong all of religion to even begin with is being offensive to the rest of the world as institutions, not by what they really signify as an ideology. If you are truly a religious person who cares about his religion, then you should know better not to defend your religion out of anger.

    Arabs brought this upon themselves, the big fish shall always eat the small fish, and right now they are acting as small fish, as a community, where they are so much divided and hypocrites on so many levels. Am neither with or against any party, but from a neutral point of view, at least Americans are authentic to their “sick” behavior, they do not care any more to hide that they are corrupt and have managed to rule the world because of that.

    As to that movie, its cheap, retarded, and has no point what-so-ever. On the contrary, it is so childish that a religious leader in lebanon has to exploit it even-more. I did not hear about its existence until i hear him exploit it. Now a leader is supposed to calm his people and tell them, they know better and they have nothing to defend, they believe what they believe and they shall keep on believing, and that their God who is proclaimed to have the only authority to judge people shall condemn all those “sinners”, so why is it that its their job? They are doing exactly what the world expects them to behave like, and that is just wrong, if they are too blind to see that, then what? Fight fire with fire, start a strike and burn down tires and pollute our nature, since clearly they do not understand what their nature is to even begin with.

    • feministarab

      September 18, 2012 at 1:46 pm

      Everything you just said is irrelevant to what I wrote in the post, you just stated a bunch of facts I most probably think you got from reading amateur blogs online cause it wasn’t made by an American guy having fun with his friends. And I did say that I don’t agree with the way Arabs are reacting. I hate , seriously hate , every single person what ever his religion might be if he disrespects any religion what so ever shu if it was my own?
      I have the right to be not just mad but furious as an Arab and as a Muslim.
      All this shit they say about us, treating us like terrorists is unacceptable and has to stop! And this has been said ages ago but no one did anything about.
      Now they won’t stay silent anymore , ever person who disrespected us and treated us like a lower class in the community is gonna get what he deserves. And honestly I cant wait to witness it.

      • AA

        September 18, 2012 at 4:17 pm

        I did not go against what you said, quite the contrary I agree about no one should disrespect the other’s freedom of will to obey or disobey any religion. But my point was that they are expecting arabs to be mad and furious, that is exactly what they want, the same way they took over Iraq, Libya, etc. Is by infusing people with anger to rebel against something or someone, in this case they want them to rebel against the states so that they would have a cause to invade us even more. It is only a point of view, an opinion, does not mean it portrays the exact truth, let alone any truth. My whole point is that you Can not fight fire with fire, for example how they burned down a building that has nothing to do with the case back when they did this cartoon. They are destroying themselves before trying to destroy others. If they are that mad and powerful as a force, then they should fight them outside, and not cause problems for other people here. Stop their work and demonstrate, because it will need nowhere!

      • feministarab

        September 18, 2012 at 5:19 pm

        I agree , totally true W :)


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